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Lip Filler in Cardiff

Turn Back The Clock To A Youthful New You

Lip Filler Enhancement with Dermal Fillers: Discover the Art of Natural-Looking Lips at Perlau Gwyn Cosmetic Clinic

In today's age of aesthetics, achieving natural-looking full lips has become a sought-after goal. 

Perlau Gwyn Cosmetic Clinic has masterfully crafted a solution for those in search of the perfect lips, ensuring everyone can achieve lips to be proud of. Dive into the world of lip fillers in Cardiff, and uncover the secret to transforming your appearance.

The Science Behind Fillers

As we delve into the world of facial aesthetics, let's understand the key ingredient that sets the foundation of our Lip Filler Cardiff treatment - hyaluronic acid.

The filler used is made from hyaluronic acid in a gel formula, which resembles the hyaluronic acid already present in the skin.

The filler hydrates the skin and encourages water into the area. The lip enhancement is achieved by injecting small quantities of the filler into the border and/or the body of the lip, depending on the desired effect. The filler contains an anesthetic to prevent discomfort during the treatment.

Celebrity Usage

It's no secret that the glamorous world of celebrities has embraced the elegance and perfection of lip fillers. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Jenner are examples of stars who've been known to use lip fillers. 

At Perlau Gwyn, we ensure a touch of celebrity grace with our Lip Filler treatments in Cardiff.

Addressing Lip Concerns & Potential Risks

If you are grappling with any lip concerns, we are here to guide you through the process with complete information about the lip filler doctor, dermal fillers near me prices, and the lip filler journey. Check our comprehensive guide on pricing for all your needs. 

Every procedure comes with risks. The potential risks include redness, swelling, and bruising, but with Perlau Gwyn's experienced professionals, these are minimized. They make sure to disclose all information to keep clients informed and comfortable.

*Disclaimer- Perlau Gwyn does not endorse any specific treatments, products or procedures mentioned on this site. If you think you have a dental emergency near Cardiff, speak to a dentist as soon as possible.

Lip Filler Cardiff: A Journey Towards Perfection


Every client is unique, and so should be the treatment. The consultation ensures that each individual's concerns are addressed, tailoring a plan specific to their desires and needs. Book a FREE initial consultation using online form or call us. 


Every client is unique, and so should be the treatment. The consultation ensures that each individual's concerns are addressed, tailoring a plan specific to their desires and needs. Book a FREE initial consultation using online form or call us. 


Aftercare: The clinic ensures clients are well-informed about the proper care needed post-procedure.


Experienced Medical Expert: The lip fillers are performed by Dr. Iman Mehdi, a highly qualified professional from Cardiff University. Her passion for skincare and aesthetics guarantees nothing but the best. Learn more about the team.

Why Choose Perlau Gwyn for Lips Fillers in Cardiff?


We use natural lip fillers, ensuring a treatment that harmonizes with your skin.


Clear and transparent pricing, with a range of options for different needs.


Experienced and certified professionals providing top-notch service.


Based in Cardiff, we are your go-to destination for lip enhancement in Cardiff.

FAQs - Lip Filler in Cardiff

The cost of 1ml of filler can vary based on several factors including the brand of the filler, the expertise of the practitioner, and the location of the clinic. For detailed information about our pricing, please visit our pricing page.

1ml lip filler pricing at Perlau Gwyn Cosmetic Clinic aligns with our commitment to quality and affordability. You can find exact pricing details on our lip filler Cardiff page.

Absolutely! 1ml lip filler can make a noticeable difference in enhancing the shape and volume of the lips, giving a natural and refreshed appearance.

Yes, even 0.5 ml of lip filler can make a subtle yet significant difference, particularly if you are looking for a slight enhancement or wish to address specific concerns.

The cost for 1ml lip filler in the UK can range widely based on various factors. At Perlau Gwyn, we strive to offer competitive prices without compromising quality. Our specific pricing can be found here.

Lip fillers, when done correctly and professionally, should not affect the sensation or function of your lips, including kissing. We at Perlau Gwyn ensure a natural feel that preserves the unique characteristics of your lips.

Should you have any more questions or need a personal consultation, feel free to contact us at Perlau Gwyn Cosmetic Clinic, where your smile is our passion.

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